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Thank you for your interest in adopting from Nashville PITTIE!

Before adopting a Pit Bull, you should know that there are no special behaviors that make "Pit Bulls" different from other dogs. Their behavior is canine behavior. All Pit Bulls (and all dogs) are individuals with vastly different personality traits. Some are couch potatoes while others are sleek athletes. Some are party-hardies while others prefer a quiet life with just their special people.
The most important thing you should be prepared for when you adopt a Pit Bull is to be a responsible dog guardian- as with any breed, training and public representation are very important but this is especially so for Pit Bull types because of the burdens put upon them by ridiculous myths and media misrepresentation. Don't choose a dog because of what he looks like; choose a dog based on if he, as an individual (personality, energy level, etc), is a good match for you. Remember that the dog you are adopting will not only be a reflection of you, but a representative of his breed. 
Educate yourself, be responsible, and be prepared for a lifetime of priceless, enthusiastic love!
Before completing this application please make sure you meet, agree
to, and understand the following requirements.

If you rent your home or own in a Homeowners association complex, please verify with management that you are allowed to have a PIT BULL and not just any type of dog. We will call and will require written permission from your landlord or HOA. 


ALL of your current animals MUST be spayed/neutered, up-to-date on all vaccinations, and on monthly preventative (unless otherwise advised by a licensed veterinarian).


A veterinary reference is required. As soon as possible, please provide your vet with approval to release information to Nashville PITTIE.


An in-home visit with the pup and a representative of Nashville PITTIE is required before adoption is approved.


We do not recommend female to female pit bull adoptions, although we will consider on a case by case basis.


An adoption fee of $300 is due when the final adoption contract is signed. This fee includes spay/neuter, vaccinations for the year, and microchip.



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