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    ​Nashville PITTIE is an advocacy group built on the principle of education through compassion. PITTIE stands for:​“Pit bull Initiative to Transform Image and Educate”. The goal of Nashville PITTIE is to restore the Pit bull’s positive image by: dispelling myths surrounding the breeds called “Pit bulls” through education, promoting responsible ownership, and promoting spay/neuter programs and the importance thereof. Nashville PITTIE strives to bring to light the true character of the Pit bull and the invaluable contributions they make as family pets and service companions, as they have for generations.
Nashville PITTIE


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                ​A Nashville PITTIE/Amiee Stubbs Photography project ​​to restore the image of Nashville's Pit bulls and Pit bull guardians as an effort to raise funds to offer free community spay/neuter programs here in Middle Tennessee.

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      ​#JusticeFor Mia UPDATE!

Puppy slain, killer on the loose

        ​ANTIOCH, Tennessee (April 5, 2015) – An unidentified shooter stood on a stack of cinder blocks and fired a weapon over a locked privacy fence into the backyard of an Antioch family Monday, striking a 7-month-old puppy named Mia in the face. Mia died immediately as a result of her wound.

        ​The family does not know who killed their dog, and a $1000 reward is being offered by Nashville PITTIE for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or people responsible. If you have any information regarding Mia’s killing, please call the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department (615) 862-8600. The perpetrator is armed and dangerous. Do not attempt to contact or confront anyone involved.
        Nashville PITTIE, a local non-profit pit bull advocacy and rescue organization, has established a Justice for Mia Facebook page and a reward fund on behalf of the affected family. Please donate via PayPal to

        About Tennessee’s animal laws:
        The intentional killing of animal is considered theft of property. The penalty (misdemeanor vs. felony) is based on the ‘value’ of the dog. If the dog is a mixed breed or shelter dog, the court can assign a lesser penalty at a minimum of a Class A misdemeanor (11 months, 29 days incarceration and a maximum $2,500 fine). If the alleged perpetrator is found out, the dog owner may seek civil damages up to $5,000.

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