Meet Stouie! ​Stouie was born deaf and knows sign language. His hobbies are running at the park and giving hugs and kisses. He also works hard as an Ambassador for Nashville PITTIE. This sweet pup loves a good adventure. As a therapy dog he gets to visit many schools, hospitals, and nursing homes to share books with children and adults of all ages.

​​During his visit to Discovery School in Murfreesboro, TN, Stouie got so excited about all the books that he fell in a pile and ended up flat - oops! The good news is, now he gets to slip right into an envelope which has led to lots of fun. The new Flat Stouie gets to travel around the world meeting more children, visiting schools, and meeting other adorable pets.

We are working on a project and sending Flat Stouie to numerous places around the globe. Please introduce my Flat Stouie to your furry family members and other friends. When you are done tell us what fun Flat Stouie by:

*writing/uploading a picture to his Facebook page:
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*e-mail so we can blog about it

Want your own Flat Stouie?  Purchase your own Flat Stouie and fund this project and send the inflatable Stouie to schools around the nation.