"I said"somebody should do something about that." Then I realized I am somebody"
-Lily Tomlin
  • Education / Advocacy

    ​​As a means to education the general public on the perspective of pit bulls being consummate family companions and services animals, Nashville PITTIE created an Ambassador Program to bring pit bulls into the public eye through social walks, attending public events, such as Nashville’s Earth Day Festival, and Nashville’s Cherry Blossom Festival. As well as involvement in other, public projects like the Impression-a-bull Photo Project and the Nashville Christmas Parade.

    Also under the Advocacy umbrella Nashville PITTIE will organize events such as the Annual Nashville Pit Bull Awareness Day, as well as participate in other events by
    Hosting an educational booth, operated by volunteers.

  • Rescue

    While we initially hesitated to add rescue into our focuses, we could not ignore the abundant number of animals in immediate need for a home. To insure our other objectives do not suffer as a result of our growth into rescue, it was imperative that we stay balanced in our efforts and only intake a pet in need when we have an available foster home that is a good fit for the pup in need, and the financial resources to insure adequate care for all pets in our foster program. We strive to locate quality foster homes as our adoption program is growing. ​
  • Community Initiatives

    Nashville PITTIE's Initiatives include speaking to schools and youth groups, as well as promoting spay/neuter. ​
PITTIE's Programs
Nashville PITTIE’s aim is to restore the image of pit bull type dogs, through education, promoting responsible pet ownership, and spay/neuter.​
Nashville PITTIE was founded by Jana Mandes, a lifelong animal advocate.  Jana has been a pit bull guardian for most of her life, with an inherent love of animals and a commitment to making a difference for pit bulls and the communities in which they live.   Frustrated with always being on the “defense” and seeing the suffering they endure, we decided to take action to improve these animals’ lives as well as the public perception of the dogs that we know as intelligent, playful, and loyal family pets.

 Nashville PITTIE is not a rescue in the traditional sense.  We noticed a trend in Nashville’s animal welfare community where a lot of wonderful caring folks opened their hearts, homes, and wallets to rescue efforts and almost immediately become overwhelmed with pleas for help. Too often they find themselves in a vicious cycle of having more animals in need than there is help available.
Nashville PITTIE ‘s aim is to get ahead of the issue and prevent homelessness, neglect, and abuse before it happens. The best way to achieve that is through community education and promotion of spay/neuter programs.
Nashville PITTIE
(Pit bull Initiative to Transform Image & Educate)
P.O. Box 1146 Goodlettsville, TN 37070-1146
The Lily Tomlin quote "I said ‘Somebody should do something about that.’ Then I realized I am somebody," describes perfectly the inception of Nashville PITTIE.